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We wanted to try something new just for women.

Karla Bravo (Left) | Jen Franklin (Right)

Our company is focused on tackling the epidemic of violence against women and girls. Our mission is to give our communities tools to help prevent attacks but also to recover from them should the unthinkable happen. We are a collaboration of Black Belts and victim advocates who together have created a unique learning experience.

For several years, we had been teaching great techniques but found that they were not always easy to recall under pressure and that many students didn't connect mentally to the potential mental pitfalls of defense, so we got to work on a simplified approach to safety and the results have been meaningful.

We got together with professionals who understood non-lethal weapons that can be carried without permits and require little training to use successfully. We partnered with a rape crisis counselor and advocate who helped us create a safe space for anyone who might be attending that is a survivor. We met with attorneys who helped us understand the law around self defense and psychologists who enhanced our understanding of trauma, including PTSD.

We continue to educate ourselves so that our approach remains fresh and relevant and together, we are making a difference in our community. In 2017, we decided that we wanted to take a bigger step to reach more people so we teamed up and created Out of Harm's way. Our goal is to expand our vision into our local schools where we believe we can make an impact on stopping girl-on-girl bullying, sexual assaults, and raise awareness about issues that our girls have to navigate through daily.

Thank you for attending our classes and our events. We want you to come away from our classes informed, educated, and empowered!

Out of Harm's Way

OUR Purpose

Our goal is to create a safe space with access to personal safety training and resources that will empower women and children in our communities.

Our program is focused on the epidemic of violence against women and girls, and giving them tools to help prevent it and recover from it. We are a collaboration of women with backgrounds in self-defense, martial arts, and advocacy on a mission to change the statistics and raise awareness in our communitites.

Out of Harm's Way

OUR Mission

Through self-defense education, our goal is to ignite self-worth in each person that trains with us so that they can enrich their lives or take their lives back.

Our mission is to change the world by empowering young girls and women in our communities to realize the beauty of their inner strength and power of their physical strength. 

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