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My name is Karla Bravo and I currently hold a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate and have been training in boxing and martial arts for the last 20 years. Something I came to realize over the years is that the largest demographic of victims and would-be victims, women and girls, didn't participate regularly in activities that helped them learn self-defense. I started to ask why and one of the reasons that was clear is that there is a misconception that martial arts is simply fighting and that can turn some women off. Also, since the population in a martial arts studio is mainly male, it can be intimidating to train with them, especially if you've survived an attack. So I came up with a new class from the perspective of a woman.

I wanted a space where women could have the conversations about safety that we needed to have with freedom to be ourselves. I wanted survivors to know that they could attend class and wouldn't be pushed to do anything they weren't ready for. I wanted women to walk away knowing that even with basic information, they could stand a chance in an attack and we could help them get to that point both physically and mentally.

And that's how Out of Harm's Way was started. I continue to teach martial arts in Long Beach, CA and am currently working towards my 3rd Degree Black Belt. I am pround of the program that we developed and am eager to get it out into our communities.

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